Corporate Law

Companies that are the most significant actors in the commercial environment and gather many investors under a single roof may only maintain activities in their respective sector by establishing corporate bodies regulated by law, and by the application of the resolutions taken either by general assembly or the board of directors.

The procedures and principles which the corporate bodies of the company may use differ depending on the type of the company and also vary according to the regulations of specific markets, such as capital and banking markets, in which the companies operate.

Due to the fact that the exercise of management and shareholding rights in the companies are subject to special procedures and principles, the active and effective exercise of the rights and authorizations of the investors in companies with disputed shareholder structures is possible only through the provision of qualified legal services.

We provide a wide range of corporate law consultancy services to our local and foreign clients operating in different sectors. We assist our clients to carry out, follow and register special transactions of all kinds of companies and joint ventures, such as the establishment of branches and liaison offices, preparation of authorization documents with articles of association and board of directors’ resolutions, and arrangement of general assemblies and capital increase-decrease.

In addition, we provide legal services to our clients in all areas related to their ordinary daily operations, and regarding the preparation and negotiation of all kinds of commercial agreements from a commercial point of view, particularly including distributorship, manufacturing, marketing, purchase and sale, license, supply, franchise, transportation, service, construction and administration agreements.

Moreover, we have extensive experience and knowledge regarding those companies with disputed shareholder structures. We provide active and efficient legal services to our clients on protection of their rights and interests in their affiliated/subsidiary companies, and particularly the prevention of breaches to our clients’ administration, representation and shareholder rights and protection of their interests in disputed shareholder structures.