Derivative Transactions

Our derivatives team, which has  distinguished experience in the structuring of derivative transactions and preparation of documentation, advises and assists the leading international and domestic banks, corporations and intermediary institutions, as well as a variety of participants active in the CDS market in relation to the following:

  • credit default swap (CDS) agreements;
  • bond financing;
  • total return swap agreements (TRS);
  • international swap and derivatives association framework agreements and their annexes (1992 and 2002 versions);
  • credit support annexes (CSA);
  • international securities market association (ISMA) global master repurchase framework agreement (GMRA);
  • global master securities lending agreements (GMSLA);
  • international securities lending agreements (ISLA), and

other security documentation.

Our litigation team also follows the resolution of all disputes with regard to the above-mentioned transactions.