Dispute Resolution

We are proud to have a large and experienced team for settling disputes in court and finding alternative dispute resolution solutions.

As a full-service law firm, the most important source of our competence is to achieve equitable, prompt and successful results, either in court or through these other means.

Nowadays, arbitration during which disputes are resolved swiftly, effectively and by specialized arbitrators has become preferable to most companies in our country, due to the fact that the dispute resolution processes which resort to jurisdiction are overly time-consuming. We represent our clients in national arbitration proceedings in order to resolve disputes in various fields, especially in telecommunication. In the course of the arbitration processes of our clients conducted abroad, we act diligently as a solution partner with internationally well-known and competent law firms.

We also provide services to our clients regarding the recognition and enforcement of any resolutions in Turkey awarded as a result of arbitration conducted abroad and proceedings concerning arbitration decisions in Turkish courts. Besides the representation of our clients in arbitration processes, we also provide comprehensive services beginning from the preparation of arbitration agreements, and following with either the prevention of potential disputes or the ensuring of our clients’ advantageous position should any dispute arise.