Energy and Natural Resources

The increase in the population both in our country and around the world has led to a need to increase energy production. Every year, numerous investments in the energy sector are made in order to ensure this increase. For the purpose of increasing investments and for a strong, competitive and transparent market, many legal regulations have been promulgated by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

It requires expertise and experience to navigate through these numerous regulations. Our office has always been at the forefront of the energy market since the first years of its establishment.

In particular, we have a team specializing in all the natural resources in the energy field, especially hydraulic, thermal, wind, solar, geothermal, and gas.

We follow closely the current legislative changes, regulatory board decisions and other regulations concerning the energy market, and pass on all developments to our clients.

With our experience in this market, we have participated in Turkey’s largest and most complex project finances and merger processes.

The wide scope and complexity of the regulations cause many conflicts in relation to these markets. With its in-depth expertise, our litigation team has also specialized in the solution of various disputes arising from energy markets.