Expropriation Law

Expropriation is one of the most common administrative actions in Turkey; it can be defined as the limitation, by the government, of private ownership in the public interest and the transfer of such ownership to the government after payment of the due consideration.

Our team substantially follows up the litigation processes of determination of expropriation price and registration lawsuits, expedited expropriation, and confiscating without expropriating lawsuits which are pending in civil jurisdiction, and lawsuits of cancellation of expropriation which are pending in governmental jurisdiction. In particular, we provide legal services, as the attorney-at-law of the administration and in the role plaintiff,  in respect of determination of expropriation price and registration lawsuits related to large-scale infrastructure projects

On the other hand, we provide legal services to the owners of real-estate as their attorney-at-law to ensure their property is appraised accurately and to prevent any loss being suffered in the cases in respect of any real-estate subject to expropriation.

Our aim in those expropriation lawsuits which apply the principles listed in the expropriation law to concrete cases, determining the appropriate and accurate precedents applicable to such cases, and considering all factors affecting the value of the real-estate in them, is to minimize the losses arising from the expropriation and to act as a guide in the determination of the actual value of the real-estate in question.