Labor Law

We have serious and reputable experience in relation to labor law disputes, mainly representing employers. We provide extensive consultancy, process management and litigation services to Turkey’s leading corporate companies in various fields, and to international companies in the field of individual labor law, collective labor law, social security and occupational safety.

We also conduct seminars for companies regarding the labor law.

In addition, we have achieved significant success in disputes, representing white collar employees at the upper management level. 

With regard to collective labor law, in disputes regarding the subjects which are not commonly practiced in Turkey, we provide consultancy and dispute resolution services; examples of such cases are the resolution of illegal strikes, and actions concerning other union activities. As for individual labor law, we have extensive experience in all kinds of litigation and consultancy services.

Concerning human resources, we provide guidance and consultancy services to ensure companies’ internal management structures are in compliance with labor legislation.

Dispute resolution and consultancy services we provide regarding labor law are mainly as follows:

  • Lawsuits on reemployment, service detection, labor receivables, mobbing, material and moral indemnification stemming from occupational accident,
  • Lawsuits regarding the determination of illegal strike,
  • Lawsuits for compensation in relation to unions,
  • Preparing of all kinds of contracts and documents relating to labor law and employment relations,
  • Consultancy services regarding the carrying out of termination procedures,
  • Participating in collective labor agreement meetings, and
  • Organizing seminars for the senior executives of the company concerning the demands of the employers.