Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisition transactions are structured on the handing-over and restructuring of companies and have complex structures which require legal consultancy and review as well as financial and commercial analyses.

The fact that the management and control structures of companies are subject to special commercial legislation, and that each sector in which the companies operate is subject to different legislation, requires the formation of legal solutions that are specific to the expectations and demands of the investors in these areas and the requirements of the market in which the companies operate.

Since the day we were founded, we have been providing legal services on merger and acquisition transactions to our local and foreign clients, stressing the particular need to focus on the client’s expectations and the requirements of the target sector.

Depending on the different strategic position of our clients in the merger and acquisition transaction, we provide qualified legal services to all parties, including purchasers, sellers, small investors, shareholders and financial consultants, and our experience in mergers and acquisitions covers many different sectors including energy, retail, health, food-beverage, technology/media/telecommunication, real estate, banking and finance, industry and manufacturing.

We have extensive experience in conducting detailed legal due diligence, preparing, examining and negotiating share/asset purchase-sale agreements and shareholders agreements, along with additional commercial, financial and operational documents necessitated by the transaction, as well as assistance after closing.

In addition, the consultancy services we provide comprise all sides of transactions, including legal examination, corporate administration structures and exit strategies, control mechanisms, and protection of minority rights. The services which we offer cover restructuring and reorganizations after share transfers, including asset disposal, joint ventures, affiliated party transactions, demerger or division of a line of work or other assets of the company to form another corporate structure.